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Vistra has a longstanding relationship with the Moffitt Cancer Center, spanning nearly a decade and encompassing various marketing and public relations projects. Throughout our collaboration, we remain committed to reducing cancer health disparities within the Black and African American communities and advancing societal well-being. 


Through advertising and media buying, we employ a diverse array of platforms and channels to purposefully disseminate health-conscious and culturally relevant messaging. 

Our media mix encompasses culturally appropriate print publications, digital platforms, geographically targeted billboards and strategic community partnerships. Through these channels, we effectively reach and engage our identified audience. Vistra is responsible for media planning and purchasing for both print and digital platforms, ensuring a seamless alignment with Moffitt’s agency of record.


Vistra performed an extensive analysis of the perceptions and experiences of healthcare, particularly cancer care, among African Americans in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas. Through competitive and industry research, evaluation of current organizational activities, and numerous informal community conversations, we engaged with individuals and influential community groups. The key findings from these assessments served as the foundation for the development of an integrated community outreach plan. This plan incorporated a range of services, including public relations, media relations, digital engagement, branding and the development of new programs. Notably, the research revealed that local African American residents were receiving cancer treatment at significantly lower rates compared to other racial and ethnic groups. Vistra designed and executed the outreach plan with the primary goals of raising awareness, building trust, improving perception, and ultimately strengthening Moffitt’s positioning as the preferred healthcare provider for African Americans.

Our ongoing public relations activities supported the goals of increasing community awareness and engagement, improved perceptions of diverse communities within Moffitt and shared stories of how Moffitt is closing the health disparity gap. Using a proactive and reactive approach that included local, national, and trade publications, Vistra kept Moffitt in the news with specific and tailored messages to reach the organization’s goals.