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Vistra has been privileged to serve the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) since 2020. NOBLE, established in 1976, has a distinguished history of addressing law enforcement issues, community needs, and concerns, positioning itself as a proactive force for change on both local and national scales.


When George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis on May 25th, 2020 sparked national outrage, Vistra equipped NOBLE’s leadership for effective representation in the national dialogue. We conducted a tailored and highly interactive Executive Media Training Session for the incoming National President. This training ensured that NOBLE’s voice would be heard clearly and effectively as they engaged with the media and the public.

Additionally, we collaborated with a talented 12-year-old national recording artist, Keedron Bryant, to craft a powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA). This PSA conveyed a message of hope and resilience, achieving viral status and garnering widespread attention across various online platforms, and further amplified NOBLE’s message.

Our strategy generated the facilitation of more than 80 local, regional, and national media requests, resulting in coverage by premiere outlets such as CNN, ABC News National, MSNBC, NPR, BBC News, and various print, broadcast, online, and radio platforms. The public relations coverage alone was valued at over $250,000, with a staggering 30 million online impressions. Furthermore, our efforts led to a remarkable 32% increase in Facebook followers, generating over 80,000 brand impressions. 

We’re proud to continue to support NOBLE with media outreach, message development, social media management and assisting with the annual CEO Symposium and Annual Training Conference  Exhibition.

While this has undoubtedly been a challenging period for NOBLE, our dedicated team was well-prepared and readily assumed the role of a strategic and collaborative partner during this unprecedented chapter in our nation’s history. We are honored to continue our work with NOBLE, supporting their mission to effect positive change and advocate for meaningful solutions in law enforcement and community relations. 

NOBLE hosts two signature conferences annually which Vistra supports through pre-conference planning and onsite execution. Specifically, Vistra offers branding, marketing, communications, social media, and media relations support. In advance of the conferences, NOBLE’s dedicated Vistra team develops a strategic plan that aligns with NOBLE’s goals for member attendance and publicity around the conference training offerings and the keynote speakers from agencies and organizations across the country. Onsite, the team manages media and offers a wide variety of support efforts around capturing content for sharing real-time and post-conference reporting.