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Miller Lite experienced a significant boost in sales by highlighting ice-cold beer served conveniently at the perfect temperature. Through the implementation of FrostFusion technology, custom-engineered for this campaign, we successfully positioned Miller Lite as the premier choice among convenience store beers. 


This promotion showcased exclusive branded FrostFusion coolers adorned with custom graphics, each equipped with cutting-edge refrigeration technology driven by a patented microprocessor. This innovation guaranteed precise control over the beer’s optimal frosty temperature, setting Miller Lite apart from the competition in the C-store environment.

FrostFusion heightened consumer engagement and introduced an exciting new dimension to beer consumption. Our strategic approach encompassed a range of elements, including prominently branded coolers, captivating in-store point-of-sale materials, and innovative outdoor advertising featuring a unique cold vapor-mist “frost” visible from specially engineered “chillboards.”

Street teams played a pivotal role in the market. Additionally, our fleet of branded Jeeps and snowplows (in the Summer!), each featuring colossal replicas of Miller Lite bottles, made a striking presence in high-density public areas and on key roadways. These eye-catching vehicles piqued consumer curiosity and successfully directed traffic to participating convenience stores.

Miller Lite’s primary objective of optimizing communications and increasing sales in this profitable channel was resoundingly accomplished. The brand achieved above-benchmark levels of consumer engagement and recorded noteworthy growth in in-store sales volume.