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Special Operations Command South (SOC-South)
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Special Operations Command-South (SOCSOUTH) is a joint Special Operations headquarters that plans and executes special operations in the multi-national geographic area of the Caribbean Basin, Central America and South America. Since 2017, Vistra has supported SOCSOUTH’s Operations Directorate (J3) with highly-specialized technical and operational-related functions for the Current Operations Division, Future Operations and Plans, Joint Readiness and Training Directorate and the Command Center Operations to provide advanced professional, technical, and emergency management, comprehensive technology research, operational planning, readiness reporting and continuity of critical operations activities.

This includes surge personnel when needed, with Spanish language qualified, Special Operations Forces (SOF) subject matter experts (SME) in SOF operations, activities and initiatives in the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR).


Vistra provides technical and systems analysis, review, planning, general staff support, database development and input, research, review and evaluation, documentation preparation and production services to complement the TCP assessment process. Vistra personnel provide accurate and timely situational awareness information, operational guidance and technical advice on a day-to-day basis to the CDR SOCSO and his staff.

Their duties include managing the traffic flow from the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) account and message drafting. They also support the Information Manager for their appropriate regions. They provide their support and production to the command in working groups, at the commander’s update briefings with input to operational presentations and when needed, in deployment support to SOCSO operational teams and partner nation representatives on location in host nation locations in the SOUTHCOM AOR.