U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM)

Joint Cyber Planning Services


In 2014, Vistra was selected as a Prime Contractor to develop the first cyber planning capability for the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM). This was the first cyber planning function for any combatant command. Over the past eight years, we have been the only contracted services provider fully integrated into the Combatant Commander’s cyberspace operations. From the ground up, we have executed this contract to lay the foundation of excellence and professionalism that now resides in the CENTCOM JCC. For almost ten years, Vistra has provided an array of services to assist in the JCC in theater planning synchronization. Our team offers effective and responsive assistance to the JCC’s strategic planning effort, in the form of support for the preparation of plans as well as in the areas of operations, cyber ISR, computer network operations to facilitate the CENTCOM Headquarters Staff in meeting all joint requirements associated with its broad and diverse AOR.

In addition to highly-technically skilled cyber personnel, Vistra also provides Plans and Coordination Services and SharePoint Administration and Information Technology Support Services. Vistra supports the JCC with key cyber activities in the CENTCOM AOR and supporting CENTCOM as it leads DoD in cyber planning doctrine, policy and TTPs. Vistra’s analysts have provided planning, execution, and other expertise to other combatant commands as they stand up their own JCCs, advised CYBERCOM planners and provided policy input and support to Joint Staff and OSD.


We continue to provide a highly-skilled and experienced incumbent work force that offers theater-proven planning experience and technical cyberspace expertise to the JCC as well as proven Prime Contractor management that ensures efficient, professional and correct execution of the JCPS contract.