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Vistra Federal Solutions


Vistra Management Action Plan

Vistra’s Management Action Plan — V-MAP — is a proprietary approach providing a total plan for managing program delivery to our federal clients. V-MAP fully integrates our people, processes, enabling tools and quality control allowing Vistra to quickly transition into and comprehensively manage— new or existing federal government programs.


V-Map Information Sheet


Efficiency Is Key

Implemented by our fully-integrated Program Management Office (PMO), V-MAP ensures our program delivery teams are seamlessly integrated into program operations to provide delivery of high-quality products with little to no interruption of service or support.

Managing the Right Way

V-MAP incorporates detailed project management and close coordination with program stakeholders to ensure processes, schedules, milestones, roles and responsibilities and budgets are closely tracked to deliver outstanding results. The approach creates a structure for managing day-to-day activities and individual project schedules through consistent progress reporting. V-MAP also closely monitors work against client timelines, and provides efficiencies across planning, organizing, staffing, executing and controlling operations.

Our Practices

V-MAP is based on documented industry and government best practices, including:

  • Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • ISO 9001:2021 registration
  • Capable workforce supported by corporate resources
  • Proficient change management
  • Reduced execution risk
  • Reduced cost
  • Better accountability
  • Constant communication at all levels from frontline personnel to senior management
  • Collaborative work with clients
  • Program Management Office to handle all processes

Past Performance