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Vistra Federal Solutions


Crisis Communications Experience

Vistra is highly skilled at applying focused and targeted crisis communications on behalf of our federal clients.

Our skill is rooted in combined knowledge and experience in public relations, public affairs, community engagement, marketing and media relations to provide best practice solutions to maintain and enhance clients’ overall brand and help meet their goals before, during and after crisis situations.


Crisis Communication Services  Information Sheet


Organizational Risk Assessment

Success starts with a comprehensive organizational risk assessment. This can include a general or confidential survey, media scans to understand coverage in traditional and digital media, including social media, and interviews with key organizational leaders and/or mid-level managers. When the assessment is completed, Vistra collaborates with key stakeholders to prioritize risks and prepare a crisis communications plan. We also provide media training for senior leaders to develop messaging, reinforce talking points and improve on-camera presence in order to stay on message.

Crisis Communication Plans

Vistra’s crisis communication plans adhere to strict protocols while remaining flexible to adapt quickly to evolving situations. Our thoroughly reviewed and strategically executed crisis response plans are often times the most powerful tool in our clients’ toolboxes.

Each crisis communication plan includes the following elements:

  • Define the Crisis — a clear definition and common understanding of the crisis and its components
  • Key Messages — big picture messaging to be woven into communication themes
  • Talking Points — three to five to ensure key messaging consistency
  • Background — history that provides clarity and any facts to mitigate crisis impact
  • Schedule — when, where, why, and how to communicate with internal/external audiences
  • Communication Matrix — designates who will communicate, to whom, when and through which vehicle
  • Q & A — inclusive of background information

Past Performance

*Out of respect for client privacy on crisis situations, we routinely omit client names and specifics.

Vistra has provided crisis communications for a host of federal agencies and was hired by a Senior White House official to handle a sensitive crisis communications situation regarding homeland security, public safety and public perception following an unforeseen event that evolved from the misinterpretation of information.