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Our 17-year-old logo looked professional but was not captivating for a 2024 market. We knew it was time to refresh our brand And some of our case studies, as brilliant as they might be, were no longer as compelling after ten years or so. The Janet Jackson song, “What have You Done for Me Lately?” comes to mind, and she recorded that nearly 30 years ago. 

In a rapidly evolving world where people are constantly bombarded with the new latest and greatest whatever, and technological advances create and destroy industries as fast as you can say quill pen or carrier pigeon, it’s important to stay fresh to stay top of mind.  

Whether you run a small business, a nonprofit organization or a Fortune 1000 corporation, the brand identity challenges are similar in nature. Hindsight can be helpful for exploring what went right and what went wrong in the past, but today we need clear, 20/20 vision to look forward. This is where an agency can help. We’re watching the trends and can assist your team in its strategic planning and a variety of marketing and communications efforts. I stress the word assist. We don’t replace, we support. We are a force multiplier for your team.  

With a new outside perspective and your goals and objectives in mind, the right marketing and communications agency can be the extra support you need to keep your image and communications fresh and engaging? If you’re answering yes to any of the questions below, you probably need help

Products/Services. Are your products/services still relevant and keeping up with new offerings out there, or is interest in them slacking off? Have your sales peaked? Are your website inquiries or telephone calls declining?  

Communications. Are you on the latest channels? The most relevant channels? A professional social media analysis can help you know what you might be missing. 

Design. Are your graphics looking old and tired? Have you used any typeface/fonts created in the last ten years?  Are your typefaces on your website so small even 20-somethings strain to read it? Are you forcing website visitors to sit through an animated video to enter your site? Super small type and forced video showcasing were all the rage in the early 2000s, but styles change. People are more conscious about protecting their eyesight and their time, especially as the population ages.  

And speaking of aging, at age 58 Janet Jackson just kicked off her new Together Again tour in June 2024. According to a review in Eclectic Music Lover, “…Jackson looks and sounds as good as ever, effortlessly moving about the stage like someone half her age.” She’s staying fresh with elaborate sets and creative lighting effects. As a reviewer for Rolling Stone wrote, “Luckily, it doesn’t seem like Ms. Jackson is letting up anytime soon.”  

It takes an intricate, experienced operation involving hundreds of helpers to make a successful concert tour. Janet Jackson doesn’t go it alone. A well planned and staffed communications effort can make your organization the rock star of its category. To paraphrase Jackson’s song “Better Days,” it’s important to know when to change your vibe to make sure the sun keeps shining at the start of a new better day.  

Vistra Communications is an Integrated Marketing, Communications and Consulting Agency.  Our integrated approach focuses on value added solutions for our clients.