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An integrated marketing and communications firm offers a comprehensive range of services on both traditional and digital channels.

They are experts on all things marketing and public relations with the tools, platforms, and strategies to get the best results. They help businesses develop and execute cohesive marketing strategies that effectively reach their target audience across multiple touchpoints, ensuring a consistent brand message.

Here’s what integrated marketing can do for your company.

1. Establish Branding Consistency

Creating a memorable brand in the mind of the consumers you want to reach requires attention to every detail of your image to build credibility in your market. Working with one integrated marketing firm as the lead for marketing, advertising, sales, and public relations campaigns makes it much easier to ensure brand consistency, from coordination of strategy and market segmentation to messaging and graphics.

The power you hold by engaging one responsible, accountable firm to create and implement a unified brand identity and voice is undeniable, as long as you pick the right firm. See the Vistra White Paper on How to Optimize Your PR Partnership for tips on hiring the agency that’s right for your company, and red flags to avoid.

Brand consistency can benefit from a single point of coordination for content and campaign implementation in a strategic and tactical sense. With one firm, all files for messaging and graphics are in one place. Cut the administrative red tape. When firms that may be competitors on other accounts have to sign nondisclosure and partnering agreements to share files, you lose time and potentially file integrity.

2. Increase Reach

An integrated marketing campaign propels your company and its products and services into streams of larger, more diverse audiences. As a matter of basic business logic, an increase in awareness among potential customers should lead to more sales, which yield higher revenues. Well, at least as long as messaging and imaging are consistent and strategies, plans are unified. Don’t miss out on new opportunities by failing to reach audiences that may never see a printed poster, email, or brochure, but may see digital, broadcast, or billboard advertising and read about your company in a newspaper.

3. Build Brand Trust

Increased product visibility and expanded brand awareness are key benefits of a multi-pronged marketing campaign. As a potential customer consistently sees you in more places more often with authentic messaging, the brand begins to resonate, especially when advertising, marketing, sales, and public relations campaigns are integrated. Credibility and trust are enhanced.

4. Cut Cost

The most direct way an integrated marketing campaign reduces costs is the creation of multi-use materials that can convey the same branded messages and graphics across a wide array of channels. Developing overarching concepts once, instead of trying to fuse piecemeal projects in separate resource-consuming sessions, dramatically saves time and money and enhances cost-effectiveness. Why pay for multiple strategic messaging sessions with multiple firms when one integrated effort will accomplish more and help ensure consistency?

In a more strategic management sense, aligning objectives and metrics helps manage resources and budgets.

Integrated campaigns are also able to leverage lessons learned from one tactic to another. This reduces the time it may take to optimize campaign performance so you are able to avoid pitfalls and place your funds where they will yield results.