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The Foundation for Tampa’s Neighborhoods project stands as a distinctive initiative within the City of Tampa, encompassing transportation, water and wastewater enhancements across four diverse neighborhoods: East Tampa, Macfarlane Park, Virginia Park and Forest Hills.


In support of this multi-year undertaking, Vistra developed a comprehensive community outreach and strategic communications plan. This plan was tailored to effectively inform and engage with a vast audience, comprising over 4,000 residents, businesses and organizations spanning these four neighborhoods.

Recognizing the unique attributes of each neighborhood, Vistra conducted extensive research to develop customized outreach strategies. These strategies aligned with the mayor’s vision of nurturing a robust rapport between the City of Tampa and its residents.

From the project’s pre-construction phase onwards, Vistra facilitated over 20 virtual and in-person community meetings to foster open and transparent communication. 

Together with Kiewit, the engineering and construction leader of the project, we distributed a bilingual quarterly mailer to deliver crucial project updates. Vista also managed the project hotline and maintained an ongoing SMS communication channel, serving over 300 residents enrolled to receive timely information. 

Through our diligent efforts, Vistra ensured that the Foundation for Tampa’s Neighborhoods project progressed smoothly, while fostering a sense of community involvement and understanding among all stakeholders. This commitment underscores our dedication to facilitating meaningful connections between the city and its residents.