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AT&T faced the challenge of maintaining top-of-mind awareness for DIRECTV service bundles within its extensive network of internal and vendor call centers, spanning both domestic and global locations. The persistent turnover rate among sales representatives required a continuous commitment to sales training and product education.

In response, Vistra strategically capitalized on research and insights emphasizing the profound influence of music in elevating training outcomes. We initiated a distinctive campaign, aptly named “Bundlepalooza,” with the primary goal of bolstering the retention of vital training concepts among call center representatives by harnessing the memory-enhancing capabilities of music.


To ensure the effective delivery of our training messages, we assembled a team of accomplished songwriters and musicians who collaborated to curate a training playlist encompassing various music genres, artfully designed to incorporate the appeal of popular hits. This innovative approach was crafted to enhance the overall learning experience, making it more engaging and memorable.

 As representatives started their workdays  in the call centers, they were welcomed with captivating live musical performances, refreshments, and an enjoyable atmosphere with the added incentive of high-quality concert-style merchandise as sales rewards.

Vistra conceptualized, produced and meticulously managed all facets of these training events, encompassing logistics and staffing at more than 50 call centers around the globe. This approach amplified the performance and knowledge retention of call center representatives, while keeping DIRECTV bundles top of their minds.