The Virtual Go-To Assist! Virtually, we're on-call around the clock to be there when needed!
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IT Changes. The world of IT support changed one morning with the advent of COVID-19. We used to be able to visit our customers in person and put our hands on the technology. We are now 100% remote support. Virtually, we’re on-call around the clock to be there when needed.

Cyber Threats Everywhere. We have remained focused on keeping our systems and processes secure from identity and data theft and we ask you all to help us keep security on the forefront of your minds when accessing data and doing your work. If you happen to see an odd email or hyperlink…

DON’T CLICK ON IT, just pass the information to the IT team for your Go-To-Assist!

Seventy Percent of Communicating is Visual. Team Vistra meets almost exclusively now in Microsoft Teams a whole new experience with capabilities we are just beginning to understand. We have dived headfirst into the program and will be rolling out training in the next few weeks to help the entire team understand and utilize the program to its fullest potential.

So, Have You Heard the One About? While working with a team member who was trying to access a website, we re-installed several programs and adjusted hardware. After twenty minutes or so we encouraged them to share their screen and then go to the website so we could see. On the bottom left of the screen it said, “Please Log In.”