Brand storytelling is a vital part of consumer engagement and can be used to help define your brand narrative as well as impact consumer perception.
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Brand Storytelling

Today’s consumers are sophisticated and knowledgeable. Information is readily available and accessible. Social media doesn’t just help promote a brand -- it can be used to help define your brand narrative and impact consumer perception.  Brand storytelling is becoming a vital part of consumer engagement. Being transparent, establishing an emotional connection and making stories resonate are all important considerations as your company looks to connect with target audiences. As your content strategy develops, consider including storytelling in order to increase…...
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Consumer behavior is changing. Keep these three things in mind as you evaluate your strategy and evolve your marketing plan.
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The Direct Approach

Now more than ever, it’s important to evaluate your marketing strategy. Consumer behavior is constantly changing, making it more important than ever to have a strategic marketing mix to reach consumers. Keep your ear to the ground, listen to your customers and keep these three things in mind as your marketing plan evolves. Evaluate your plan. Is it multi-channel? For example, direct mail can be highly effective if it’s tied to other triggers, such as email and social, all with…...
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