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Surveys, Polling and Focus Groups

If one of your goals is to gather feedback to better understand their customers, products, or brands, we will create surveys or conduct polling or focus groups to get valuable information that will better serve our clients.

Vistra has conducted polls, focus groups and surveyed upwards of half a million respondents for clients across the United States. We design, implement, and manage printed and online multilingual satisfaction and customer experience surveys. Our surveys quickly collect information from large, targeted stakeholder groups.

We follow a rigorous survey process flow using five phases: planning, design, collection, review, and presentation. Each phase consists of several sub-processes embedded with quality controls, including tightly monitored and controlled problem escalation protocols. We methodically field surveys, polls and focus groups that meet customers’ goals and use the best collection methods: online platforms, phone, paper, SMS and in-person. We work closely with clients to design efficient, cost-effective questions to collect meaningful data points that inform strategy and future decision-making.


Surveys are a data collection method of quantitative research that provide factual, conclusive results.  Surveys are a cost-effective way to get feedback from a wide audience or large portion of the population.  Formats include multiple choice, rating scales and open-ended questions.  Surveys allow results to be instantaneous, anonymous, and secure.


Polling is a formalized but short process.  Examples include phone polling or internet polling.  National polls sample targeted cross-sections of the population to uncover ideas and opinions on particular topics.  Social media polls are an interactive and fun way for organizations to get instant feedback from their followers.  The consumer engagement and data capture is immediate.  Consumers feel like they are being heard and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the conversation.  Polling is a great tool to use as part of your social media strategy.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a data collection method of qualitative research that allow you to get in-depth answers from a select group of people.  They are an excellent way to conduct market research.  Focus groups get participants interacting with each other, and the goal is to make them feel comfortable enough to share their honest thoughts and opinions.  They are led by a trained host or moderator, who poses thought-provoking questions to gain an understanding into problems, trends, behaviors and motivations.

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