Social Distance Relationships CAN Telework!
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Communication – It’s key to any successful relationship…AND being informed.  Contact by email and meetings by phone or videoconference are critical tools to allow us to remain in contact and be responsive to requests for information. Laptops are vital tools to successfully access all the necessary programs and sites we use on a regular basis. Microsoft Teams enables us to share desktops and collaborate on projects — keeping us productive, the workflow smooth, creating fewer disruptions to our new normal. Teams also keeps us presentable for meetings – from the waist up.  And we’ve secretly never appreciated our internet service providers more – are we finally getting our money’s worth?

We’re becoming chameleons, developing new routines to our changed telework environments – demonstrating flexibility by now sharing ‘offices’ with family members. Multitasking takes on a new meaning and an occasional interruption is always welcome. Morning commutes are now measured in steps not miles and the spared time savings can allow for quality time to reach out to family and other team members.

Staying engaged helps ease any feeling of isolation and the contact provides reassurance and encouragement as we not only telework as a team, but also maneuver daily pandemic news updates and paper product shortages as we plot our next visit to the grocery store. Being able to share experiences, daily challenges and funny anecdotes along the way strengthen any relationship and the communication bridges the distance gap.

We’re in this together.