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Media Training

Vistra media training courses are designed to develop organizational and individual confidence in interacting with the media, empowering participants to communicate clearly and concisely to create desired outcomes.  Vistra media trainers have deep professional experience in broadcast news and radio, public relations, media relations, strategic communications and public affairs.  Team members have provided media training and counsel to corporations, businesses, non-profits, and local, state and federal government entities.

Vistra’s customized, professional media coaching and training helps spokespersons:

• best understand the various media platforms

  • evaluate potential media scenarios
  • develop and refine key messages
  • identify and manage an actual or perceived scenario

Executive Media Training

Vistra also offers a highly interactive and customized executive media training course that is specifically designed for senior members of your organization who are most often called to represent the company, either planned or “on the spot”.

Our executive media training courses help executive understand the company’s primary and secondary messages and deliver them in a sincere and effortless manner, how to handle Q & A while staying on message and how to stick with a game plan in any media scenario.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • navigating the media landscape
  • creating messages relating to different situations
  • how to field media questions
  • how to handle media personalities and behaviors
  • how to deliver effective messages in all media situations, including times of crisis on-camera mock interviews, with real-time constructive critiques

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