Current events have exposed underlying racial tensions in our communities and workplaces.

Open communication is vital to resolving these issues and critical for unifying a team to achieve success. Are you listening to your workforce? Do you understand the real challenges your team is having? Are you struggling with employee or leadership diversity?

Don’t allow anger, fear, grief or exasperation to have a negative influence on your business culture. Vistra can help you design and implement an internal communications program tailored for your organization’s unique environment.

Let us help your team to:

  • • Understand historical perspectives
  • • Share and reconcile experiences and history with current events
  • • Consider future actions
  • • Challenge themselves to think differently
  • • Develop programs designed to foster workplace diversity and inclusion
  • • Build or enhance a multi-cultural environment

We will partner with you to customize interactive exercises, employee surveys, presentations, workshops, panel discussions, executive mentoring and interactive exercises to meet the needs of your organization.

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