What's the one thing you need to produce your best work while working from home?
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For some time now, the transition to teleworking seemed like a no-brainer for so many occupations.  Then, a global pandemic struck that changed everything and forced us to work remotely.  None of us has any personal point of reference on how to run a business or perform our jobs in a pandemic world. Seemingly overnight, an immediate paradigm shift in how we work and what we need to do to sustain our businesses was upon us.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

•  As our society continues to advance technologically, the old school “brick and mortar” office building isn’t always the most practical business model.

•  If planned and implemented correctly, teleworking can save businesses a significant amount of money on overhead, while also helping our environment by lessening daily telecommuting.

•  Even in an efficient virtual world, personal, face-to-face interaction will forever remain relevant in terms of team building, nurturing client relationships, and fostering creativity.

So how do we perform our best under these circumstances? The answer essentially lies in one word: Routine.

Maintaining a routine creates habits that can keep one on track and as productive as ever. When working from home, you could conceivably get up 10 minutes before your workday begins. Don’t. Wake up at the same time you were waking up when you were reporting to an office every day. Make your bed. If you always shaved before work, then keep shaving every day. If you put on makeup every day, then keep putting on make-up. Get dressed for work. You don’t have to put on your best suit, but dress professionally. Establish a workspace within your home that allows you to minimize distractions.

All of these so-called “old school”, yet very routine habits will create the mindset you need to produce your best work.