How a Pandemic Brought Us Closer to Our Clients
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In the world of marketing and communications, in-person meetings ending with firm handshakes are vital. Due to the spread of COVID-19, those days are cancelled until further notice.

As more and more companies pivoted to work-from-home models that include virtual meeting options, the initial belief was this would be devastating for marketing and communications professionals. However, what we’ve found at Vistra is that despite communications challenges, we’re building even stronger bonds with our clients.

Here are three ways to form deeper connections with your clients.

Get personal. It’s easy to get into routines where meetings consist only of agenda items, but it’s important to ask simple “check-in” questions to find out how the person on the other end of that call or video chat is coping during this extremely stressful time. We are all navigating these uncertain waters. Empathy and compassion reassure your client they aren’t in the boat alone.

Adapt to schedules. Just like you, many clients are dealing with extra responsibilities at home. Home schooling children, for example, makes it difficult to be responsive during the middle of the day. Be willing to hop on early morning or evening calls.

Think twice before advising. Many businesses are in make-or-break situations relying on you to know the latest trends and tactics. They need helpful resources for running their business. Strategies that worked a month ago likely aren’t working now. Never forget, your services could be a key factor in a client’s survival.