Socialization is workplace glue.
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How thankful are we for technology right now? Very thankful. Technology lets Vistra get our work done remotely. We’re in communication more now than when we were together under one roof! This situation is challenging us to hone our communication skills. Video conferencing lets us maintain a human connection. And since the daily distractions that come with an office environment aren’t present, we have an opportunity to leverage productivity.

Nonetheless, we know socialization is workplace glue. It bonds people. It gives them a chance to talk about work projects, of course. But face-to-face talk with co-workers enables people to meander into topics close to the heart—life outside work. Telework shifts this. People are “relationship distancing” because of the public health concerns COVID-19 mandates. Happily, Vistra’s doing a lot to keep people held together—weekly Virtual Coffee with Brian, our CEO, and digital tool sets that bridge the in-person gap.

Still, we miss the 3D world of our team and random (delightful!) eruptions of infectious laughter. Early morning congregating around the coffee machine. Lunchtime chatter and watercooler talk. These are just a few things you find yourself wanting when you’re not with co-workers day to day. But even if it can’t completely replace in-person interaction, digital tech keeps us tied personally and professionally. It lets us see team members (kiddos and pets, too!). Video calls open virtual whiteboard sessions, and a quick IM lets someone know you’re thinking of them. It’s all about continually fostering moments of connection.