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Engaging Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Vistra is an experiential marketing agency delivering brand experiences that are fun, imaginative, engaging and informative. Our end-to-end solutions create customer conversion and deepen brand relationships. We help consumers experience a brand in a way that’s interactive and memorable.

Through experience marketing, Vistra brings brands to life and amplifies brand awareness. Through non-traditional methods like guerilla marketing, we create unique ways for consumers to interact with brands and reach new audiences. Branded experiences utilize brand ambassadors at event activations to interact with consumers face-to-face. And when consumers experience and connect with a brand, a bond is created that fosters brand loyalty.

Experiences Bring Brands to Life

Live marketing creates a customer experience that lasts. Event marketing allows brands to widen their reach and generate more brand impressions. A strategy is developed and tactics are implemented to immerse a consumer with a brand through creative marketing promotions. Vistra strategically considers the brand personality they want to convey to consumers, the target audience, and the lasting impression they want to leave with their audience. We create, manage and implement community outreach efforts, event sponsorships and guerrilla marketing campaigns in specific identified markets.

Clients engage our comprehensive services, or select specific areas of expertise to enhance their existing marketing plans and internal resources.


  • Brand immersion

    Strategy development

    Experience creation

    Creative execution

    Program management

    Logistics planning

    On-site event coordination

    Talent acquisition & management

    Event production services

    Event success metrics

    Continued brand relationship development

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