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Effective Crisis Communications

Vistra brings an experienced, committed, and passionate strategic communications approach to your organization’s communications objectives, not just during and post crisis. We combine our knowledge and experiences in public relations, public affairs, crisis communications, community engagement and media relations to provide best practice crisis communication solutions to maintain and enhance your overall brand and help meet your objectives before, during and after potential crisis situations.

Crisis Communication Planning

Preparation before a crisis occurs is an important step in managing your reputation and protecting your brand.  Vistra has a long history of helping clients create crisis communication plans, addressing all audiences and vulnerabilities,  and tapping into the organization’s strengths to conduct a proactive reputation management plan to help insulate from potential follow-on crises.

Crisis Communication Training

To prepare your communications team for crisis situations, Vistra offers several course academic courses, specifically tailored to you and built around managing crisis situations and managing your reputation. In this course, we walk senior leaders and/or designated team members, collectively or separately, through the process of preparing to communicate with employees, stakeholders, media, and the public at large. The major topics covered in this course generally include:

  • Defining crisis
  • Responding quickly and confidently
  • Identifying audiences
  • Building a team
  • Developing proactive and reactive statements
  • Assessing your post-crisis response

Our crisis communications training course will be centered around your Communications Plan to ensure all team members involved in facilitation of communications during a crisis event are not only aware of the plan and its contents but understand what their specific role is if the plan is put in to action.

Crisis Communication Management

In the instance that a crisis or unfortunate event does occur, Vistra is skilled with effectively managing the situation and minimize potential negative impact to your brand. We have experience in implementing crisis communications plans, as well as providing strategic counsel during and after a crisis in order to help maintain the reputation of the organization.

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