Advertising Strategy and Solutions

Importance of a Content Strategy

With so many messages competing for your audience’s attention at any given time, it important to have a comprehensive content strategy to help reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time.

A well-designed content strategy will guide your plans for content creation, including what, where, when and how it gets distributed. Our personalized and comprehensive content planning services will allow you to:

  • Develop a content strategy specific to you and your business goals
  • Establish content to reach your specific audiences
  • Map your content to your customer lifecycle
  • Lead prospects down the sales funnel
  • Drive target audiences to act
  • Increase positive reviews and referrals

Content Strategy Helps Drive Brand Awareness

If your ultimate goal is to drive customers to you, then you must produce and distribute relevant and timely content that is of value to them. If distributed online, then the content you create must also rank high in the search engines so that your audience can find you. Creating keyword-rich, valuable content and knowing where to distribute that content – blogs, eNewsletters, video, social media, whitepapers, etc. – that is both search engine optimized and audience friendly can be a delicate balance so its important your content strategy is designed to accommodate both.

Content Strategy Increases Conversion

Attracting customers to your website with quality content is only one part of a good content strategy. Just as important is the content the person receives once they get there.

A well-designed content strategy leads prospects down the sales funnel. Having a strategic content strategy ensures you are providing relevant information, answering your target audience’s questions and engaging them to act. For example, a well-crafted blog post is a great for educating a consumer about a new product but for a prospect who is evaluating your organization to hire, a client testimonial or case study may be more appropriate content to drive a sale.

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