3 Valuable Insights Your Brand Likely Needs Right Now
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Around the world, all of us are settling into this idea of a new normal. This new consumer and business lifestyle is demanding a new playbook for brand marketing. The messaging, tone, and communication channels are fluid. Here are 3 insights that all brands should be considering:

  1. Acknowledge the situation. As the world looks for a new way forward through this challenging time, brands need to remain relevant and show their human side. A compassionate approach will result in long-term consumer loyalty. Consider what your brand can do that has a genuine positive impact on communities that are truly struggling and focus on your products and services that can provide real value in a world that’s more “virtual”.
  2. Refocus on community. As more people and businesses found themselves impacted by COVID 19, they increasingly turned to one another for support. Social messages about helping others grew by 1,174% in March, culminating in 19.5 million messages throughout the month. Collectively, the volume of positive social conversation increased 1,001% over February. The pandemic has prioritized the need for community content and this will likely continue well into the future, making it a new focus for planning brand strategy and messaging.
  3. Be vigilant and flexible. We are living in unprecedented times and there’s no road map for navigating a global pandemic. It’s important to remember that things are fluid and continue to change and we have to lean into the data that’s available. Social media plans went from a “nice to have” to a necessity overnight. Brands need to be where their customers are, and right now, that’s online. Often times, this is the first place customers are going to go to connect with your brand. Monitor your social data and the conversations your consumers are having. Insights gleaned from social media can help form effective messaging and marketing strategies as things continue to change and we push forward.